Transfer Your License to a New Computer

License Transfer Policy

You may transfer your existing license to a new PC/Mac at any time for no cost. Please follow the steps below in order to transfer your license.

1. Deactivate your old computer

Before you can transfer your license, you must first deactivate your old computer. Please follow these steps to deactivate your license.

1. On you old computer, open any of the Excel models and click on the “Deactivate License” button from the Intro tab.

2. Click “Yes” when it asks you if you are sure you would like to deactivate.

Deactivate - OK

3. Copy and paste the Deactivation Code into the form below.

Deactivate - Code

Transfer Form

    2. Activate your New Computer

    1. From your new computer, please open any of our Excel models.  If you like, you may download a fresh model from our website.
    2. From the Intro tab, click on the “Activate/Extend” button.

    If you need additional help activating your new computer, please see our step-by-step instructions here.