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Version 9.3

We are happy to announce the release of Version 9.3 of our Discount Cash Flow Models! This version introduces a new feature which allows for an Initial Interest Only Period at the start of your Amortizing Loan. This feature is the result of a request from one of our clients. Thank you for the terrific feedback and please keep it coming!

There is a new option to select whether you would like a Initial Interest Only Period on the “Assumptions” tab. Just select Yes or No and then enter the appropriate amount of months. The Initial Interest Only period will utilize the same interest rate as the Amortizing Loan.

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Introducing Version 9.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 9.2! This version has been in development for quite a while and introduces same great new features.

Custom Functions

One of the great new features is the addition of custom functions to the RPM models. These functions are available through the button on the Summary Charts tab. These custom functions are written in Visual Basic for Applications and provide some new terrific functionality and automatons.

Adjust the Hold Period on the Fly

You can now adjust the hold period on the fly. Perhaps by default you built your model under the assumption of a 10-year hold period. What would be the effect of a 7-year hold period? By using the Custom Functions you can change the hold period on the fly and all of the sheets will automatically update to your new hold period!

Estimate Cost based on Cap Rate or IRR

Once you have entered all of you data and built your model for a project it is common to have questions like

  • How would my cost need to change to achieve a certain cap rate?
  • How would cost need to change to achieve a certain IRR?
  • How would my loan need to change to reach a certain DSCR?

By using the new built-in Custom Functions, you can now let the models handle these estimations for you in real-time. Each action is reversible before they take effect.

More to Come!

We anticipate adding more Custom Functions as we continue to improve our products. If you have any suggestions for future features, please let us know!

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Introducing Version 8.0

After several months of development, Real Property Metrics, Inc. is proud to introduce the latest version of our Microsoft Excel-based commercial real estate investment models.  Below are some of the updates that we have been working hard on:

Operating Reserve Accounts

We have added Operating Reserve Accounts to each of our models in the ‘Cash Flow’ worksheets.  Through these accounts you can now keep track of the reserve funds from your operating expenses and net them against Cap Ex or Leasing/Tenant Improvement Costs when they occur. 

Blog 2015-7 - Reserve Accounts

In the Commercial and Mixed-Use models, we have even built in the ability to auto-calculate the annual reserves, including caps on the reserve balances.

Cash on Cash Equity Investor Returns

Another significant change is the addition of Cash-on-Cash hurdles to the Equity Investor Returns waterfalls.  While the previous versions have been based on IRR scenarios, each hurdle is now user-selectable between IRR and Cash-on-Cash returns. 

EIR - Input Box

In addition to these great new features, we have included several bug fixes and formatting improvements.  We hope you enjoy using our models.  As always, if you have a current subscription or would like to try them free for 7-days, please download the new models here: