Compare Us to the Competition

We encourage you to compare our products to others on the market. Two of the products that we continually compare ourselves against are Argus Valuation LiteTM and Argus Valuation DCFTM. While we may not share every feature of these two products, we believe that Real Property Metrics offers a substantial and cost effective value for your real estate analysis needs.

Pricing Information
Quarterly Pricing$69.99$810.00
(Available in monthly pricing only)
Annual Pricing$239.99$3,240.00
(Available in monthly pricing only)
5-Year Pricing$699.99$16,200.00
(Available in monthly pricing only)
Supported Systems
Website Website Website
Supported Uses
Supported Uses
Asset Valutation & Appraisal
Acquisitions and Dispositions
Investment Analysis
Joint Ventures & Partnerships
Development Feasibility
Sensitivity AnalysisLimited
Portfolio Valuation
Property Types
Property Types
Office, Retail, Industrial
Self Storage
Student Housing
New Construction & DevelopmentLimited
Valuation Techniques
Valuation & Analysis Techniques
Discounted Cash Flow
Direct Capitalization
Cash-on-Cash Return
Flexible Report & Valuation Timing
Break Even Occupancy
Debt Yield
Property Level Data
Property Level Data
Miscellaneous Revenues
Operating Expenses
Capital Expenditures
Operating & CapEx Reserve Account Balance Tracking
General Vacancy & Credit Loss
Debt Financing
Development Costs (Land, Hard Costs, Soft Costs)
Unlimited Area Measures
Escrow Accounts
Account Codes, S-Curves, Reference Accounts
Tenant & Unit Data
Tenant & Unit Data
Unit Mix
(Multifamily, Student Housing, Self Storage)
Rent Roll
Space AbsorptionLimited
Parking RevenuesLimited
Tenant Groups
Tenant & Unit Leasing
Tenant & Unit Leasing
Central Tenant Registry
Tenant & Unit Description
Lease Type, Suite Number & Tenant Size
Lease Start and End Dates
Simple Base Rents
CPI (Rent Indexation)
Rent Steps
Rent Abatements
Tenant Improvements
Leasing Commissions
Lease Status
(Current, Vacant, Etc.)
Expense Groups
Retail Sales
Floor, SIC, Industry, Group & Notes
Speculative Absorption & Renewals
Speculative Renewal & Absorption
Renewal Probability
Market Rents
Months Vacant
Term Length
Tenant Improvements
Leasing Commissions
Retail Sales
Term Overrides
Vacate, Renew and Options
Non-Contiguous Leasing
Property Cash Flow and Present Value Summary
Loan Summary and Sources & Uses
Resale, Direct Capitalization and Property Summary
Rent Roll
Input Assumptions Report
Market Leasing
Standard Graphs
Print Preview
Report Packages
Excel Report Exports
Amortization Table
Partner Contributions, Distributions and Yield
Executive Dashboard
Depreciation & Taxes
Stacking Plan

Source: Argus Valuation LiteTM (discontinued) and Argus Valuation DCFTM data taken from Argus Comparison Chart as of November 2013.
*Argus Valuation DCFTM pricing as of May 2014.