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Multifamily/Self Storage Lease Up Schedule

Today we are excited to announce a feature to our Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Self Storage and Student Housing Models. The Lease Up Schedule will assist you in forecasting monthly and annual lease up in a new construction or development model. It is also useful in projects where you are bringing an existing project up to stabilization.  Based on just a few data inputs, this easy to use schedule will calculate:

  • Units Leased in each Period (monthly and annual)
  • Average Occupancy for each Period (monthly and annual)
  • Average Vacancy for each Period (monthly and annual)

Blog 2016-6 Lease-Up-Schedule

Additionally, the average annual vacancies for each year will also be carried into the Cash Flows worksheet. This will provide a much simpler method to forecasting project performance over a construction, lease-up, and stabilization period.

Please feel free to download the latest models to take advantage of this new feature.