Inputs & Calculations

Commercial real estate software can be so complex that it is difficult to use without extensive training. Many solutions have seemingly endless user-inputs to generate even simple results. Real Property Metrics strives to create simple and intuitive models to help you get to the point quickly. Click on the header below to get an idea of how much we try and do for you.

Compare Inputs & Calculations
Quickly create reports and charts that show your lenders, investors, and partners exactly what they need to know to understand the deal from their point of view. These reports include such feature as:

Example Reports

Feel free to take a look at a some example reports from Real Property Metrics, Inc.

User Input Example (Multifamily)
Completed Multifamily Example
Completed Commercial Example
Completed Mixed Use Example
Completed Student Housing Example
Completed Hospitality Example
Completed Self Storage Example
These example models and files are provided solely to demonstrate the thorough analysis of these tools. The specific figures in each model are for demonstration purposes only.