Activating Your Worksheets

To activate the worksheet you will first need to purchase a license and then request an activation code.

Step by Step Instructions

Request Activation Code

To request an activation code, first open one of the models from the computer you wish to register. You can find the models here.

Be sure to enable macros on the worksheet.
Enable Macros

Click the “Activate/Extend” button on the Intro tab.

If you have not received your Activation Code yet, please click “No”.

Next, paste (Ctrl+V) the Computer Code1 provided to you into the Activation Form. The Computer Code will have been automatically copied into your clipboard.

Activation Code

Copy this code into the Activation Form: Activation Form

Within 24 hours of requesting your activation code, you will receive an email to the address you provided.

Now just copy and paste (Ctrl+V) the Activation Code into the worksheet.


Activation Successful

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at

1The Computer Code is a unique identifier for your computer based on the serial numbers of your CPU, hard drive, and network adapter.  It does not contain any personal or otherwise identifying information.