Report Features

Automatically create reports that show your lenders and investors exactly what they need to know to understand the deal from their point of view.
[spoiler style=”1″ title=”Cash Flow Projections”]

Cash Flow Projections

See the NOI and annual Debt Service graphically.
Cash Flow Projections

[/spoiler] [spoiler style=”1″ title=”Debt vs. Equity”]

Debt vs. Equity

Understand your equity position year to year.
Chart - Debt vs Equity[/spoiler] [spoiler style=”1″ title=”Lease Expiration Schedule”]

Lease Expiration Schedule

For commercial projects, you can quickly analyze and understand the make-up of your current rent roll. This is useful for seeing the lease-up risk and understanding the future tenant improvement and leasing commission needs.

Lease Expriation Schedule[/spoiler] [spoiler style=”1″ title=”Cash on Cash Returns”]

Cash on Cash Returns

Quickly view the Before and After Tax Cash on Cash Returns.

Chart - Cash on Cash Returns[/spoiler] [spoiler style=”1″ title=”Amortization Schedule”]

Amortization Schedule

Let the software automatically calculate a full presentation-worthy amortization schedule.

Amortization Schedule
[/spoiler] [spoiler style=”1″ title=”Hold Period Sensitivity”]

Hold Period Sensitivity

Quickly understand the appropriate hold period for your project. The software automatically calculates the IRR, NPV and Average Annual Cash-On-Cash return as if selling in that year. You can quickly and easily visualize the best hold period for the deal, the investor, and the JV partner.

Hold Sensitivity[/spoiler]

Example Reports

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